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About still4U

Here at Still4U we source a selection of beautiful copper alembic stills from across Europe and import them into the UK and across the world. Whatever your capacity and size requirements, we can source, restore and deliver your new pride and joy to your desired destination.

How did Still4U begin?

I’m Greg Millar and I am also a partner in Dartmoor Whisky Distillery in Devon in the UK.

I sourced our beautiful 1,200 litre alembic copper still in Cognac back in 2014.

The beauty was tucked away in an old shed, dismantled and covered with a dark lacquer. It’s safe to say she was looking a little worse for wear!

Our still from shed to production - France to UK

Now she looks like this! We are beyond proud of how she runs and nothing makes us happier than seeing everyone’s faces light up when they walk into the distillery, seeing her beautifully lit up from below.


Stills like this are not available off the shelf and are usually only available if someone sadly passes or retires from distilling. Through my time spent in Europe researching and visiting distilleries, I have made many connections in the distilling industry. With the craft spirit marking swelling every year, there are now distilleries popping up all over the world.


If I remember back to the moment when I started my initial searches online for stills (not your surplus Portuguese still, I’m talking something that has that ‘wow’ factor… that history), I remember being extremely nervous, and that it was an unaffordable, impossible task. I want to help those starting out on their distilling journey, offering my contacts, my knowledge and my experience, having just completed this myself.

Working with Still4U

Copper Still Sourcing:

We can find your perfect still for your new distilling project. Most of these we source from France, through our connections, however we are willing to look as far as we need to for the perfect still.

Distillery Consultancy:

I will be available on a consultancy basis to help you set up your new still. Whether we work directly with your new still on site, or if you would just like someone on the end of the phone to run things by, we are willing to adapt to your needs. This can be a one off, or an ongoing agreement.

I have photos of every stage of fitting our still which would be available to you upon purchase… a step-by-step manual, if you like.

Still Renovation:

We can offer the service to clean the still to bring it back to its original shiny copper. Through my experience, I have all the knowledge and contacts needed for burners, parts, seals, stainless steel tanks, barrels and any other equipment you may need.

How does the import process work?

Every still is stamped with a number and must have customs clearance before leaving the original building it was housed in and before leaving the country. We take care of all the complicated French customs for you on the still side, so you can get working on the other important parts of your distillery set up!

How do our stills work?

The central vessel of Dartmoor Whisky Distillery’s still is a heat recovery unit and so prior to starting distillation, both the right hand still and central wash warmer are filled up with approx. 1100 litres of beer wash to allow a little room for expansion.

Towards the last 2 hours of the distillation the tap to the front of the wash warmer is opened to allow the vapours into the vessel through a coiled pipe. This then warms up tomorrow’s distillation to around 50 degrees, saving 2 hours of gas and time. The next day, the spent wash is then discarded and the wash warmer emptied into the still for the next distillation, normally still at around 40-45 degrees.

Contact Greg Millar now:   +447967 836275 or [email protected]

Have a still to sell?

Do you have a still to sell? Then please get in touch with Greg at still4U.

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We have a large number of buyers on standby ready for a still like yours.

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